Minx Coat 5 Pack

Minx Coat 5 Pack

Price: $6.99
The orignial peel off protective coat. Minx Coat is a clear nail wrap created with the protection of your nails in mind.
Works with gel polish, acrylics, nail polish and natural nails. Makes the removal of any product easy! Peel off Minx Coat in seconds! Lasts as long as the product applied over the Minx Coat!
  1. Under a gel manicure - Protects your nails and allows for a fast and easy removal process.
  2. Over nail polish - Apply Minx Coat over your nail polish and watch your mani last longer than ever!
  3. Under acrylic - Say “see ya later” to the ouch factor of taking off acrylic nails! Minx coat prevents damage to the nail too.
  4. Natural nails - Protects your nails from every day wear and tear while adding a subtle shine.
  5. With polish - Paint your favorite nail polish directly onto Minx Coat then apply to your nail for a flawless no mess application every time.

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