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Glow Me

Price: $15.99
These glow-in-the-dark nail wraps glow like nothing you have seen. Stand out in a crowded club, concert, rave, or Halloween haunt!
Glow lasts up to 7 hours! 
Minx lasts about 10 - 14 days with correct application.
Ready-to-wear formula for an easy application wherever you go!
  •  Warm Minx by rubbing between hands, with a hair dryer or heater.
  • Prep and clean nails with rubbing alcohol.
  • Select the Minx closest to your nail size.
  • Peel off Minx and apply to nail with rounded end close to cuticle.
  • Press firmly on to your nail.
  • Use nail clippers to trim off excess.
Warm, slowly peel from one side.

  • If Minx does not fit nail, choose a larger size and trim.
  • If creasing occurs, lift Minx slightly and place back over nail; apply firm pressure.
  • Don't buy cheap knock-offs.

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