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Minx, Inc Is excited to announce the launch of “Jewelry to Your Toes” brewed and designed exclusively for your toes! Made in the USA, vegan, 8 free, cruelty free. Safe, fast and easy, chemical free removal. Beautiful!

Includes 12 pieces, enough for a pedicure, with 2 spares can be used as accent nails or cut up to create custom Mixed Media looks!

“This is a crazy cool new, original product!  New gorgeous glitters, new bright neons, new
super thin formula that practically sucks onto your toenails! And with a cost of $5 and the size
of a business card you will absolutely fall in love! After a year in the Minx Lab we “nailed” the 
perfect product to extend fashion to your toes!”
                                                               -Janice Jordan, Inventor and Co-Founder Minx, Inc

The new Minx formula includes the original benefits of Minx, offering true chromes,  “8 Free”, 
safe, fast, easy removal, with no chipping, smudging or dry time.  Made in the USA.

1.  Warm Minx by rubbing between hands, or with a hair dryer or heater.
2.  Prep and clean nails with rubbing alcohol.
3.  Select the Minx closest to your nail size, peel off and apply to nail with rounded end close to cuticle.
4.  Press firmly on to your nail and use a nail clippers to trim off excess.  
5.  Enjoy being Minxed!

Warm, slowly peel from one side.


  • If Minx does not fit nail, choose a larger size and trim.
  • Applying a topcoat may extend wear. 
  • If creasing occurs lift Minx slightly and place back over nail; apply firm pressure.
  • Don't buy cheap knock-offs. 

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