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Wear this sizzling hot Minx red and silver chrome nail wrap to heat things up!

One pack includes 22 wraps, perfect for two to three applications.

Minx lasts about 10 - 14 days with correct application.

Ready-to-wear formula for an easy application wherever you go!

  1. Under a gel manicure - Protects your nails and allows for a fast and easy removal process.
  2. Over nail polish - Apply Minx Coat over your nail polish and watch your mani last longer than ever!
  3. Under acrylic - Say “see ya later” to the ouch factor of taking off acrylic nails! Minx coat prevents damage to the nail too.
  4. Natural nails - Protects your nails from every day wear and tear while adding a subtle shine.
  5. With polish - Paint your favorite nail polish directly onto Minx Coat then apply to your nail for a flawless no mess application every time.

5 Different Ways to use the Minx Coat

1.  Warm Minx by rubbing between hands, or with a hair dryer or heater.
2.  Prep and clean nails with rubbing alcohol.
3.  Select the Minx closest to your nail size, peel off and apply to nail with rounded end close to cuticle.
4.  Press firmly on to your nail and use a nail clippers to trim off excess.  
5.  Enjoy being Minxed!

Warm, slowly peel from one side.


  • If Minx does not fit nail, choose a larger size and trim.
  • Applying a topcoat may extend wear. 
  • If creasing occurs lift Minx slightly and place back over nail; apply firm pressure.
  • Don't buy cheap knock-offs. 

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