Frequently Asked Questions

Product Details

Q. How many wraps are on each sheet of nails?

A. One sheet includes 22 wraps.

Q. How long does Minx last?

A. With correct application 10 - 14 days

Q. Which way is the up side of the product which way is down?

A. Place the rounded edge of Minx to the curved cuticle side of your nail. The straight edge will be the section you file off.

Q. Can I use on gel or acrylic?

A. As long as the surface of your nail is smooth and without lumps and bumps you can apply Minx over anything.

Q. How do I apply on gel or acrylic - is it any different?

A. You apply exactly the same way as for natural nails.


Q. What if Minx buckles when applying?

A. Simply lift the section affected and place down again until smooth. Apply pressure and rub the affected area to secure.

Q. Why won’t my Make Minx stick on my fingers?

A. Be sure to clean your nails thoroughly prior to application with rubbing alcohol. Generate enough heat during application by rubbing wraps together in hands.

Q. My Minx nails are lifting at the edges?

A. This can happen if the nails have not been cleaned enough before application or if you are very manual with your hands. Providing the nail has been cleaned sufficiently, lift the Make Me wraps, clean the nail again, replace and apply heat and pressure.

Q. My Minx are buckling – what do I do?

A. Apply your Make Me nails with care. As soon as you see a buckle appearing lift up that section of the Make Me nails and replace so that it is smooth.

Q. The wraps do not fit my nail?

A. Pick a larger wrap and try applying from one side of the nail to the other. Start at the base working across the nail then up – instead of working out from the centre. Using small scissors cut of the unwanted wrap from the side off the nail.

Q. Can I use any nail file to buff the edges?

A. We recommend that you use a fine file that is 240 grit or above.

Q. Should I file up or down?

A. Hold the file at a 45 degree angle away from the top edge of the nail and file in a downward direction to remove excess. File in one direction from one side of the nail to the other. Do not file from both sides of the nail to the middle or use a sawing action. This will affect the adhesion to the nail.

Q. Can I trim down the wrap to my finger? What should I use?

A. Yes, use a small pair of cuticle scissors.


Q. How do I remove my Minx?

A. Simply warm your nails, gently lift an edge at the cuticle area and slowly peel the Minx from one side to the other. For heat you can use friction, warm water or hair dryer. For best conditioned nails apply cuticle oil or crème after removal.

Q. How do I remove the nail on GEL or acrylic nails?

A. Removal of Minx nails is exactly the same regardless of the product that you have on underneath it. However if the product that you have on underneath your Minx is old its bond will not be as secure to the nail. We suggest that you warm your Minx and remove carefully.