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Do it Yourself

Simple Steps

  1. Clean bare nail with alcohol wipe to remove oils
  2. Size Minx to nail and preheat, either rub to warm or use the Minx Heat
  3. Apply heated Minx to nail with rounded end close to the cuticle, tapping lightly to place
  4. Use orangewood stick to press Minx on the nail around the edges to adhere without air bubbles
  5. Fold the Minx over the edge of nail & use crystal file to remove excess
  6. File in a vertical, downward motion to avoid lifting issues
  7. Place fingers in front of heat and apply pressure to ensure adhesion & remove any bubbles

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What is the Minx Coat?

Minx Coat is a clear nail wrap created with the protection of your nails in mind. Want longer lasting manicures? Need protection from gel and acrylic manicures? Read below to see all that the fabulous Minx Coat can do!

5-Ways to Use the Minx Coat

  1. Under a gel manicure - Minx Coat is a necessary addition to your gel manicure! It protects your nails and allows for a fast, easy removal process. Yes, you heard that right! No more picking at your nails to get your gel manicure off, only to find dry and damaged nails underneath.
  2. Over nail polish - Apply Minx Coat over your nail polish to ensure your mani lasts longer than ever. No more dreaded day two chipping  or scratching with added shine!
  3. Under acrylic - Say “see ya later” to the ouch factor of taking off acrylic nails! Minx Coat allows for a super-fast, simple, peel-off removal process that prevents damage to the nail!
  4. Natural nails - This one is for anyone with broken or split nails! With Minx Coat, you can live the easy, life. Nails will not only be protected, but it adds a subtle shine.
  5. With polish - Paint your favorite nail polish directly onto Minx Coat then apply to your nail for a flawless, no mess application every time. Ideal for easy removal of glitter polishes and dark polishes to not stain your nails.

Committment Levels for Your Minx Nails

One Night Stand

Thumb Press

If all you’re looking for is one night of fun with a funky design, look no further! Use the heat from your own thumb to get the wraps to a malleable form, then apply to the nails - rounded end toward the cuticles. Rub the Minx starting at the center working your way to the edges, apply heat with your thumb throughout the process to ensure your design lasts as long as you do.

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Just Give Me a Week

External Heat

Love the design you chose but you’re a bit of a commitment-phobe? Use an external heat source like the Minx Heat or blow dryer for the perfect nails that last at least the week, with no signs of wear and tear.

Direct heat on the Minx until it becomes malleable, apply to the nails - rounded end toward the cuticles. Rub the Minx starting at the center and working your way to the edges, apply heat source throughout the process.

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In for the Long Haul

Professional Manicurist

If you know what you want and you’re not letting it get away, this is the best option for you! Find your nearest Minx salon and let the professionals do the work. This will ensure the longest wear and the best finish. The perfect look requires a perfect nail from your local Minx Manicurist.

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