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Founder and inventor of Minx Nails, Janice Jordan, has always strutted outside the lines with creative rebellion. Her youth, filled with skateboarding, motocross, painting, and traveling, naturally inspired her to design the first-ever nail wrap when she grew tired of her nails splitting during her active lifestyle. 

After starting in 2006, Minx erupted onto the beauty scene with never-before-seen nails in chrome and fully customizable designs. From top manicurists, to celebrities, to companies looking to copy her product, the Minx craze spread quickly.   

As a small family business designed, engineered, and manufactured in California, competing with beauty and fashion giants like OPI, Revlon, and CND became the biggest challenge for Minx. Especially with the hoard of other companies offering cheaper, lower quality products that sidestepped or bulldozed over Minx’s patents, extending fashion became increasingly difficult following its initial rise onto the scene. But With Janice’s spirit driving the company, Minx was never shy of scraping itself off the ground. 

Now, Minx proudly walks back onto the world stage with all of its scrapes, scars, and singing nails, ready to adorn hands looking to unravel.  

The Minx Mission: make fashion all access. Not just for the runways, but to every hand and foot, however they walk and wave, whether their hips swing or not, we want to have their nails help guide, brighten, and strengthen each life journey. We want Minx to extend fashion into dreams!


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