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  The Different:

  • New MinxGo Sheets: cheaper prices, 16 more versatile individual wraps, smaller packaging that can all fit in your pocket for DIY anywhere application (read more here) 

  • Fully Online Store: free shipping for everyone anywhere (no more having to go through retailer/supplier), making amazing nails accessible to everybody!

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All New MinxGo Sheets

The decision to go from 22-wrap sheets to 16-wrap sheets was all about efficiency.


We realized a lot of Minx was going to waste! More than half of individual nail wraps were being thrown away. Updating our design (the shape of our Minx) to fit both fingers and toes allows us to make the most of our resources and contribute to our overall goal of less waste.

MinxGo also has become our default sheet due to high demand. In light of the Covid pandemic, more people (many professional manicurists) are requesting single-use items for sanitary purposes. The versatile MinxGo sheet gives the most while wasting the least.


Another contributing factor was our goal to make Minx the best option for people doing their nails on the go. With two individual 8-wrap sheets, you can fit everything you need to apply in your pocket. And with no odorous chemicals needed, you can minx your nails anywhere (the beach, on a plane or bus).

For those who still want the larger 22-wrap sheets, we will still offer them as an option for select designs throw our MinxPro page (for professional manicurists only). 


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Minx Mission


With the dirt scrubbed out from under our nails and our files resharpened, Minx reintroduces itself with an all-new website.


We held onto the good stuff but have otherwise emptied the drawers. After taking our licks in trying to knock around with the big guys, we've refocused our brand to cater to people more like us.

During the inception of Minx, professionals and celebrities immediately latched onto our product. So we ran with it, letting them take the direction of our gaze with them.

It took us a while, but after our feet tripped on the red carpet, we realized we didn't have smoky makeup running from temple to temple or feathers in our hair. We're more common, normal. Our heads swivel while we walk, and we just like to have our hands/feet say a little more as we do. 

You can find us sitting in traffic next to you (probably singing a song at the top of our lungs). We're just a family of people who likes to celebrate who we are. Time to make our company help others do the same. 

Instead of putting the latest designer's insignia into our nail designs, we want to put the traffic daydreams, whatever excites and lifts you through the 'ugh,' onto your nails.

We want MINX's versatile, fully customizable nail wrap to extend fashion beyond where the flash shines and elevate the hand tapping on the wheel next to us.

The vision shift has us excited, too, because hopefully, all of this will mean spending less time at beauty conventions and runway shows and more time doing fun things with you. At shows, concerts, grand openings, whatever it is, we want to help enhance and empower your moment.


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