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Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, nail wrap application is a practiced skill. This kit gives you everything you need for the best-looking and longest-lasting Minx!


Here is what the Minx Tool Bag has to offer: 


Minx Heater - plug-in ceramic heater for perfect wrap heating temperatures, complete with instructions ($24 value)


Twissors - This favorite tool combines the precision of twissors with the cutting ability of scissors! Perfect for trimming Minx, especially for toe application! ($11.99 Value)


5 Wood Sticks - Angled wood sticks perfect for pressing out air bubbles and sealing edges! ($9.99 Value)


Cyrstal File - A product favorite, this crystal file is a trusty Minx shaper and is washable for multiple uses! ($9.99)


2 Free Samples - Minx application takes practice! Take two free samples of our Wild Thing design on us! A negative space design, you can apply over an existing color or your natural nail. ($30 Value)


Carrying Bag - silver string bag to bring your Minx kit with you wherever you go! ($5 Value)


Watch this instructional video on how to best use the Minx Tool Bag.


Free Shipping to the United States only (international shipping, please contact us for shipping rates)

Tool Bag

    • Dimensions: 6" X 7 1/2"  1 1/2"
    • Weight: 49.9913 oz
    • Contents: 5 wood sticks, 1 twizzor, 1 crystal file with carrying cases, 2 free Minx samples, 1 Minx Heater
    • Ships free U.S. only (for international orders please contact us)


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