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Welcome to Wonderful World of Minx

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The Original Nail Wrap

Minx: designed for fingers that tremor when seeing the loose thread coming off a dress, for hands who want to tug, pull, reinvent what’s constructed.

From the street wanderer playfully dragging their fingertips across the concrete, to the hand balled up in a fist, to the fingers tickling worms in a garden, the Minx Nails wrap emboldens endeavors, makes you scratch, play, and dance louder in every unique way, the exclamation point to you.

With pert, versatile nail designs, like our line of mirrored and chrome nails, Minx-ers can extend fashion onto their hands and feet and into their everyday. Whether it’s the person busking on the curb or Beyonce on the red carpet, Minx empowers your moment.

Not only are they creatively innovative, but Minx is also a safe, hypoallergenic, and vegan nail wrap alternative to traditional gel and polish coatings. No more odorous and toxic application and removal processes. Our product offers a healthier option for both skin and earth.

Everything begins with your hands and feet. Start with style. Start with Minx!

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