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Minx Nails: An Unlikely Remedy to Help Heal Split Nails!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Split nails occur for various reasons, like overuse, blunt trauma, and as a common side effect of chemotherapy. Whatever the cause, it can put a painful thorn in a person’s day, burdening even the most mundane activities.

Luckily, we have discovered a remedy with our Minx nail wraps! Usually enjoyed for cosmetic reasons, the Minx nail wrap has been serendipitously found to significantly improve the condition of split nails by reducing the pain and helping the nail heal faster.

One user left a review saying:

“I had a couple of nails that were split down the middle, about 3/8”, and and another that had gotten ripped pretty far back. I looked into repair ideas using tea bag paper but thought these might be useful. So, my thumb and two fingers got covered. It worked pretty well. Over time, the nails grew out, got trimmed, and mostly healed. The thumb and one finger are pretty much back to normal now. The other is still about 1/8” cracked. I know it’s not the normal use for this product, but it worked for me!”

Creator of Minx, Janice Jordan, experienced something similar following an unfortunate surfing accident when she broke her finger after it tangled in her leash. Her nail had split painfully down the middle as a result. She noticed whenever she stopped wearing Minx, the tip of her finger would start to ache painfully. After learning this, she ensured her injured finger was constantly Minxed keeping her pain at bay, and the split in her nail eventually healed!

And don’t worry, if you’re shy of adding attention to your nails, our Minx Coat (a clear nail wrap) offers a discrete way to heal your split nail faster.

But if you do enjoy extending your style to your fingers and toes, Minx is the perfect option to keep your look going while your nails heal since the nail wrap does better at hiding the blemish than traditional polishes and gels.

If you know somebody dealing with split nails, spread the word: Minx nail wraps might be their cool, cheap, and fun way to get back to normal!

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