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Exploring the Utility of Nail Wraps

Nail wraps, with their print-on technology, transformed the landscape of nail art. Now, fingers and toes have become a wide open canvas—apply your friend's face, your favorite Kandinsky, or get reflective with mirrored metallics—there's few limitations to what you can do. But beyond what they offer creatively, nail wraps have also proven useful in some more industrious ways. Below, we’ll explore a few.

The strengthening power of Minx Nail Wraps:

If you’re somebody who uses your nails as a tool and relies on the nail’s natural strength, polish, and gels, with their toxic removal process, thins and weakens the nail. With the Minx nail wrap, your nail’s health never deteriorates and if they’ve been weakened for any reason, Minx has been found to actually help heal damaged nails. Read more about how Minx has aided the recovery of split nails, a common side effect of cancer patients, here.

The strengthening benefits have also been found to help musicians, like Jas Stade, the lead guitarists for Oakland's local band, "Gumby's Junk". Musicians, the vanguards of expression, have long helped drive the exploration of nail art. And guitarist, who specifically rely heavily on their strength of their nails, run into trouble when using traditional polishes and gels. With nail polish remover acetones, the nail weakens and becomes brittle, making it difficult for and string plucking. Because of that, Jas often played shows with naked nails (a true tragedy). Since she discovered Minx, however, her nails are kept strong, reliable, and stylish even after the thrashing and heavy playing of their surrealstate art rock.

(Check out Gumby's Junk on Instagram!)

Nail Wraps as a safe deterrent:

Any nail bitters out there?

It’s a hard habit to break, especially since it occurs when feeling anxious, the killer of discipline. Our Minx nail wraps offer a safe and discrete deterrent for nail biting. Polishes, gels, and free-dried nail polishes all have toxic chemicals in them. When you subconsciously start nibbling, the last thing you need is some harmful paint chipping off into your mouth. While we wouldn’t recommend eating Minx, everything is encased in a polymer so it won’t break off into your mouth. Plus, the texture immediately sounds alarms and brings you back to the present (reminding you to drop your hands/stop biting).

If you’re shy about making your nails pop, our Minx Coat, a clear semi-glossy wrap, offers an option for nail biters who want to kick the habit clandestinely.

Minx continues to explore the benefits of nail wraps and is currently working with surfers and skateboarders to see if there’s any comparable benefits to traditional nail products. If we discover anything new, we'll be sure to let you know!

P.S. If any of you have experienced any other benefits we would love to hear from you.


-The Minx Team

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