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Nail Wrap Myths and Truths

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

With new technology and new products, many people naturally feel apprehensive. So let's try to clear the air on everything "nail wraps.” Hopefully, by the end of reading this, you will be able to make a more informed and confident decision when considering.

(Note: not all nail wraps are the same. The discussion below is about Minx wraps specifically, so check with each brand for any product discrepancies.)

Do Nail Wraps Work?

The instinctive question jumping off of people's tongues as soon as they first come across their first nail wrap: do they work?

Answer: Yes, but you get more out of it the more you put into it. An eye-roll of a response, but it's necessary to account for the versatility of nail wraps.

The real question people should ask themselves is, what do you need from them?

Nail wraps can serve you in several different ways. Think of toast. Do you want a plain slice of bread just to get the job done, or maybe you want to spruce it up with butter and cinnamon? Or do you want to get extravagant and make an avocado toast with ricotta, basil, and some smoked salmon?

A similar range of outcomes is possible with nail wraps. It's really up to you: do you need them just for one night as a finishing accent for your outfit? Maybe they are custom (link) and only needed for a single event. Or have you found the perfect color for the new season and want them to last for as long as possible?

The dynamic nature of nail wraps allows them to serve all the scenarios above and everything in between, giving power to the cliche: nail wraps will give back what you put into them.

If you want to get the most out of nail wraps, expect to put in a little time and practice. The more familiar you become, the more rewarding the results. And while the initial investment of the learning curve might seem like a barrier, by the time you've practiced a handful of times, you will be able to give yourself a professional look for a tenth of the cost, making the investment over the long run well worth it.

Learn more about our Minx wrap application process through our how-to link here.

Do Nail Wraps Damage Your Nails?

The Minx nail wrap was developed specifically to cause no damage to your nails. It is also vegan, hypoallergenic, and designed with human and planet health in mind, offering a safer alternative to other nail products.

(When dealing with other products, you should seek more information specifically from the manufacturer.)

While it is perfectly safe for your nail, we recommend slowly peeling off the nail wrap and applying some heat or friction before removal to avoid any natural lifting.

It's not common, but sometimes when removing a nail wrap, especially after it's been on for a long time (it can be months when on toes), you might see some remnants of your nail's natural shedding. Be assured that this is entirely normal and not actually any defect to your nail. Nails are made of the same protein (keratin) as skin and hair. And just like skin and hair, new cells replace old ones and start to shed. With a minx nail wrap on, the shedding slows, so when removing a wrap that has been on for a long time, you might see a flake of the old nail.

In several cases, The Minx nail wrap has been found help the nails' health. With cancer patients, some use Minx in aiding to heal the painful symptom of split nails. Read more about it here (link)! We've also received several customer claims, especially those in colder, dryer climates, that Minx helps keep in moisture and prevents their nails from becoming brittle through the winter.

What Are Nail Wraps Made of?

Again, not all nail wraps are made the same! Check with each wrap manufacturer for specifics. Some wraps are freeze-dry nail polish, meaning you have to interact with all the same toxins required for nail polish removal and application.

Minx is made of a polymer with a slight adhesive backing. All the colors and designs you see are printed on and then encased within the polymer.

This construction is what gives Minx its safe versatility. With nothing else on the market can you give yourself a professional look with supplies that can slip into your pocket!

Didn't answer your question?

Please comment below about any other questions you may have. Or share your experience so we can all help grow the collective knowledge of nail wraps.


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